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BenKeys Roadmap

If you're grabbing a music NFT here is where your Matic is going. 

In the beginning I was going to try and do a shared royalties opportunity with investors using all my music, but it's not realistic yet. There's a whole lot of problems that could come with this approach while I'm still building a brand and feeding my daughters. I do have a plan thought so this is my roadmap.

I'll be releasing music with Algorithm Music Metaverse on Opensea so be sure to fully read descriptions if you want royalty based NFTs.


 Pay Off House

  • Mortgage and Utilities

Pay Off Loans

  • Student Loans

Daughters College Fund(s)

  • (3) 4 Year Private University in Florida (Goals of course)

20,000 NFT Singles Sold


5,000 NFT Singles Sold

10,000 NFT Singles Sold

Raised in Portage/Kalamazoo, Michigan producer BenKeys Music got his start as an in-house A&R for an independent label Key Group Entertainment LLC.  Working with artist like Mark Majestic, SinbadTha1, HBL Smoove and more executive producing 2015’s compilation album “See You At The Top” BenKeys got his start in the music world.  BenKeys, whose real name is Nealy Bryson, connected with that marquee talent over social media. By doing social media content creation for Kurupt of Dogg Pound & Snoop Dogg, BenKeys was able to develop networking opportunities and leverage an audience off an affiliation with Snoop Dogg and BenKeys's funny memes. 

He’s cultivated relationships within their camps, and expanded his network through old-fashioned word of mouth. In 2018 Benjamin Keys LLC was created and the first album on the label was 'Lump Sum & Residuals' with the hit song 'Lump Sums & Residuals'.

Since then, BenKeys and Benjamin Keys LLC has released over 600+ songs resulting in millions of streams and countless television and radio placements.

Long term goals for Benjamin Keys LLC is to provide a extended catalog of music to further assist creators and be the soundtracks to their lives work. "To some people it's just background music, but to me its the keys to infinite possibilities in a world of creation."


Post 35,000 NFTs SOLD

Community NFT Ownership


Streaming Rights Ownership



Community Publishing Ownership 

All About Me

NFT Albums & Singles 

  • New NFT releases will be available for community ownership. ​  50-100% of ownership for streams and sales. 

Previous NFT Owners Will Get Ownership

  • If you were a supporter in the first 35,000 and still a holder, you will be eligible to exclusive rights and publishing for 2 Albums​ currently unreleased. 

Ownership In BenKeys Music Publishing 

I'll be minting NFTs giving ownership shares to songs in my music publishing catalog.






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