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I believe filmmakers should have access to the best music for their productions. That's why I offer a music licensing model that works for the modern video creator. Unlimited licenses to high quality music from rising artists for a low cost membership fee. As creatives ourselves, our main goal is to "Keep Creatives Creating."

Music licensing should not be complicated. The last thing I want to do is take the wind out of your sails when your film makes it into a film festival! That's why our membership covers any video use.

No increased fees. Period.

Licenses That Cover ANY Video Use… Period.

Licensing music doesn’t have to be complicated. Your membership covers you to use any music in our library for your video production. Even more, any license you receive while a member is valid in perpetuity even if your membership is lapsed or cancelled.

No Restrictions

Our membership covers video creators for any use. This means even if your film makes it to the big screen we won't be banging down your door for more fees. One membership, one license fee, unlimited music. Period.

Stay Inspired

Access to unlimited production music means you can finally create your low budget passion project, highlight reel, or feature film without music restrictions. Unleash your creativity and stay inspired with .

Save Time

Finding the right music doesn't have to be a painstaking process. We make it simple by giving you the tools necessary to discover the perfect soundtrack for your films with a few clicks of a button.

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