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Benkeys Nft collab


BenKeys Music is looking to collaborate with new and established NFT and Digital Artist.

I have way too much music and would love to create new ways to use it in this new era of digital art we are entering. 

The brand has recently partnered with ArtCow to create a new way to bring digital art to the real world with merchandise. 

We are going to give collectors a cool creative way to wear their NFTs on their feet. 

I'm on the search for talented artist that would like to partner on a NFT drop we are planning for January 2022. 

What we are looking for?

Album Artwork for our songs. Each Song will be minted as an NFT

Each NFT will come with a 1 of 1  custom pair of shoes. 

If you'd like to be involved please submit information below and I'll email you back or reach out to you on twitter via DM if you left that as an option. 

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Benjamin Marley

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I have minted a coin with Rarible sharing my streaming royalties with collectors. 

What you receive: Ethereum Full Song Audio File Artist: BenKeys Music, Full Ethereum Video (Mp4) 1:41 length, Shared Percentage of Streaming Royalties for the song PDF Agreement, 20 second Pyramid & Ethereum Digital Art Loop (Mp4) No sound, GiF File of the Ethereum Pyramid.


Benjamin Keys LLC believes in the value of ideas and the power of markets. Far too often, ideas are not valued properly or fairly… Like music. That’s because the music industry was designed to benefit a well-entrenched few. It was a closed market that discouraged competition, obscured transparency, and directed the lion’s share of the value to the gatekeepers rather than to those who actually created the music.

Only the top 1% of artists can survive closed systems like this, and when they do it’s in spite of it not because of it. I believe that the value of ideas should flow to all creators, not just gatekeepers or the 1%. So I’m thankful for the NFT community and the people who created an open marketplace that gives any artist earning royalties the ability to share them with any investor interested in paying a fair price. The result is the only solution that serves the 99% of artists and investors previously ignored by the old system we’re disrupting.

That’s the power of an open market… it directs value away from the entrenched interests and into the hands of those previously pushed to the margins—the creators. But open markets don’t just direct the value of ideas to the creators, they increase the value of those ideas as well.

A commercially successful idea is the most meaningful currency of our time. It’s the only true competitive advantage left. Products break, materials dwindle, formats shift. But ideas endure. And that makes them incredibly valuable. Royalties are the tangible manifestation of these ideas. They are assets that can be bought, sold, and traded. Open markets make assets more valuable by providing transparency, price discovery, and competition needed to satisfy investor demand.


The result is a win-win for everyone. Investors gain access to royalty assets previously unavailable to them, and the information they need to make informed decisions. Creators can then leverage this demand to find investors for their catalog at the best price possible, raising money without giving up their rights or going into debt.


My mission is to unlock the financial power of my ideas through a transparent market that reduces the friction between ideas and their value.

Benjamin Keys LLC has over 5 Million streams as an independent Label/artist/producer. I'm offering 10 investors some ownership steak in my streaming royalties paid out quarterly (4x a year), as long as you own the NFT. New Royalties will transfer over with the sale of any NFT. 

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