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Get More Spotify Followers with the help of Distrokids HyperFollow

Last March Distrokid announce HyperFollow, a free service from them that helps artists amass a larger fan base on Spotify.

The way it works is simple.

Let’s say you want to tell people on Instagram or Facebook (or wherever) about your Spotify music. Instead of sending them directly to Spotify, you can now send them to your HyperFollow page.

Here’s an example HyperFollow page:

Having more followers makes it more likely you’ll appear on algorithmic playlists like “Release Radar” and “Discover Weekly,” which are personalized for each Spotify listener based on various factors — including who they follow.

And as you grow your Spotify following, you’ll increase the likelihood of getting noticed by Spotify’s human & robot editors, who can potentially add you to bigger, curated playlists.

More listeners

In addition to following your artist page on Spotify, whoever clicks the button will also automatically save your album to their Spotify library.

This reduces the risk that someone will listen once and forget about you. Because you’ll be right there in their Spotify library, ready for more listens.

Also, immediately after someone clicks your HyperFollow button, they’re presented with an embedded Spotify player that has your track preloaded. So they can listen right there on the HyperFollow page. (Try It Here)

More contacts

You will be given each fan’s email address.

More outreach

We’ll automatically email your fans when your release goes live.

And that email has links that make it easy for your fans to share your release on social media. So it’s like, viral n stuff.

More research

You will have access to the city-level geographic location and other (anonymized) demographic information about your fans.

You’ll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep your blog organized with Categories that also allow visitors to explore more of what interests them.

More insight

You’ll be able to see the other music that your fans are listening too. Even if those other artists don’t use DistroKid. #magic

More stats

You’ll know how many people visited your HyperFollow page, and how many followers you added.


If you’ve uploaded your release to DistroKid but it’s not yet live in Spotify, HyperFollow automatically turns into a “pre-save” service.

Fans can click the button any time — even before your album drops. DistroKid will then detect the moment your album goes live. And will automatically add all your new followers (and saves) on your release date. We’ll also email those followers & let them know they can start listening.

You don’t have to think about it or do anything.

HyperFollow is free for all DistroKid members. It’s available today, and supports all DistroKid releases — even old tracks.

To get started:

Sign into DistroKidClick “Settings” (the gear icon)Click “HyperFollow”

If you don’t yet use DistroKid, it’s easy to join. Click here for a 10% discount off your first year’s membership.

DistroKid’s goal is to help our artists succeed. We hope you like the HyperFollow info and find it useful.

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