WIN 2000 DOGECOINS Listening & Sharing the DOGECOIN song

It seems that everyone is getting on the cryptocurrency train. Mastercard announced that it’s bringing crypto into its network. In February, Tesla bought $1.5 billion in bitcoin and revealed that it plans to accept it as a payment method for its products. And also in that month, Jay-Z and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey invested 500 bitcoin into a new endowment called ₿trust in an effort to make BTC the internet’s currency.

Benjamin Keys LLC is excited to announce their first giveaway mostly in hopes to grow their listenership and fanbase. If you’re apprehensive about investing your hard-earned money in digital currency, you can try your luck in their Dogecoin giveaway and literally all you have to do is Follow BenKeysMusic on Spotify, listen to Dogecoin, and share the song on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #BenKeysDoge.

If you're not on Spotify that's ok, just Follow BenKeys Music & share a link from whatever DSP you're streaming Dogecoin on and be sure to still use the hashtag #BenKeysDoge

STREAM THE SONG, SHARE THE SONG, USE HASHTAG #BenKeysDoge and you can win 2000 DOGECOIN. It's that simple!

They'll be picking winners from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Streaming and sharing this song will give 4 people the chance to win 2,000 Dogecoin each. Worth about $100usd right now, but who knows what the future holds.. And.. if you HODL (Hold On For Dear Life) to your Dogecoin winnings who knows what the value could be in the future. Currently its about $.05 each coin.

BenKeys Staff will be selecting (4)four lucky winners as a way to show appreciation to the doge community for your support as they continue to build their music library and listenership.

Winner Announcement

  • The winners will be announced once BenKeys Music hits 20,000 Spotify followers. If they hit 20K really fast (for example day after contest starts) winners will be picked on Friday April 30th 2021.

  • The longest this contest will run will be till June 1st 2021. If they do not hit the goal of 20,000 Followers winners will still be chosen. ​

  • The winners will have 48 hours after the announcement to respond to our team and claim the Prize. (1 winner from Facebook, 1 winner from Instagram, 1 winner from Twitter, and 1 winner from TikTok.)

  • If the winner(s) fails to respond within 48hours, the Prize will be forfeited at our sole discretion and a new winner(s) will be selected from that social media platform.

Each Stream AND Share will enter you into the contest. Max 20 shares per person per platform. So yes.. in theory.. you can share and stream 80 entries for a chance to win.

20 shares on Facebook, 20 Shares on TikTok...etc..