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BenKeys Music & Gary Vaynerchuk

'Time To Adapt'

A few years ago I was listening to Gary Vee talk to Nipsey Hussle and he was talking about releasing as much music a possible. Ill save the long story for another day, but that conversation inspired me to start making music and putting as much out as possible. 

If you made it to this page, you probably heard a snippet of the song and that convo they had.

If not, the songs called 'The Marathon Continues' in honor of the late great Nipsey. 

A little over 2 years ago, I reached out to Gary over Instagram and asked if it was o.k. to use content. He gave me the o.k. so I released a few singles to test the market.  People gave me positive feedback, and I even got a follow from Snoop Dogg on Instagram. Now i'm releasing the first of many albums feat Gary Vee.

Enjoy "Time To Adapt", Its Motivational Music for your mental and real fucking talk that everyone needs to hear from time to time. 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the project. 

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